Our Story
Our group is about word of mouth referrals. People want to do  business with people they know, like and trust. We meet weekly so that we get to know each other very well. That way, we feel comfortable referring each other to our friends, neighbors, relatives and customers. When we can have access to each other’s’ spheres of influence, our reach is that much greater. The great thing about our group, we have limited classifications so we can get more people in and have access to their spheres of influence and everyone wins. We all give referrals to everyone else which makes them want to give referrals to us. The referrals we pass are NOT leads. They are people who are interested in your services and the person giving you the referral has already spoken with the person and told them about you and your services. We meet in Suite 248 in the Continental Shopping Center (I-19 and Continental) in Green Valley. It is the only 2 story building and it is in the Northwest corner of the shopping center. Anyone is welcome to visit as a guest. We meet every Wednesday from 7:30am to 9:00am.
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